**Ukhona but You took her away **

“Where's Lwam?” my reaction to torn apart screaming women. There she was flying like an eagle over You .“She's at it again ” I thought. “Lwam Stop it!” I exclaimed...Who was I kidding because ukhona but You took her away.

In just one blink of an eye, one flip of a coin, You took her with but she's still around. Your friends, yes the one with the siren ,and the one who transports man in blue uniform. They came to your rescue, as usual.

Blood , that was blood right? I'm not surprised, you had hit her so hard that she flew like a bird,and fell back on the tar road. Now your friends couldn't undress her. They had to tear her favourite dress, .

Well mom? Mom and aunt Pinda were kneeling helplessly, their hands shaking ,lips trembling , tears down their cheeks this was all because you took her but she is still around .

Me, I have no world. I watched it flash before my eyes. I watched it laying there helplessly .Yes It has come to an end.This was the first cut, it was indeed the deepest.

Honestly, I pray once a day, before I go to bed and then only. But when you took her, when she tried to breathe for, mom ,Pinda ,herself and I, I was conversing with God.

I had opened up my not so pure heart to him and begged for her life. A life full of love and laughter, a life of unnecessary drama and 2 seconds fights, a life I didn't want to lose. I wasn't ready to lose.

I had a huge lump in my throat? But hey I knew God, I know him still. I trusted him as much as I do now. He couldn't let me suffer the pain of losing my everything, because he knew that all I needed was nothing but a little sister.

Well done. Ukhona but You took her away. Oh yes she made it out alive. Four months away from her felt like I've never been with her before, I missed her so much like I've never met her. I ate after being shouted at for at least 4 times, because eating wasn't fun without her and Pinda and mom didn't get it.

Ukhona but You took her away. Well done. She's still my little sister, she's still alive but you took her away. I don't know if I can but I want to accept and forgive that you left her mentally ill.

I want to forgive,but you took her away. I want to vent to her, her to vent to me . I want to kick the boy who broke her heart. I want to make huge life decisions with her,I want her to be everything she once was and more. I want to see her work as an electrical engineer ,that was her dream. Still is. But because you took her away. It'll only be a dream and I'll always want what I can't have.

But at least. At least I know her love is unconditional. I know I'm her everything as she's mine. I love her as much as she loves me, and maybe I shouldn't want all these but warmly receive the love she's giving me whole heartedly.

You took her away but she's still my sister.

**Ukhona but You took her away **