Thank you for checking out my blog.This blog isn't about my life or any evento that may have occurred in my life .Browse through and enjoy? .

I literally don't know how I ended up in a homophobic,xenophobic,transphobic and racist country!

I was about to count people I've lost to death ,then I remembered,they left with my soul. I'm right amongst them haha.

I love my significant other so much. Sometimes I just – wow! I struggle to put in words .

Haha I'm a walking corpse. Wanna die so baaaad but who is going to achieve my goals? My spirit perhaps.

I want to die but not with my dreams. Dreams that are actually killing me.

It has been a while since I've let my fingers pour my heart out.

I- I find it hard to vent these days because I'm empty. It's probably because I've- I can't go on any more. I just – !.

Things literally take time to work out. At the end of the day, they work out.

Depression got me by the horns.

Depression got me by the horns.

To cut the story short, I survived everything. And today, today I am happy with the crumbs of bread I own ,willing and happy to share with anyone in need. -Degree Obtained