How about you leave my Facebook and phone passwords out ? What if we would just pretend we didn't see the profile pictures and statuses directed to someone named “her” . I mean the I miss “her” .i love “her” . What bad would happen if we could take what we're given? And if we feel it's not enough, we pack our sacks and go .And stop stirring up arguments .

How about going with the flow? We love same music genre right? We've got the same taste in music! What if we don't? What happens then? Do you introduce me to your taste? Or do you step on my toes on some “you have a bad taste in music ” Do you belittle me like that, or you choose to educate me?

And if you ask me about this movie, which happens to be a decade or two old, and I tell you, I tell you that I've never watched it . Are you going to find me slow? Is that what lovers do?
Don't they hype each other? And if I prefer Macaroni, while you love sushi, am I of a low class to you? So now love know classes? Too bad.

And If I tell you I love you and you only, why is it that we're argue about the guy who wants me, a guy I don't want? Why is he a part of our life now? I mean what if you told me how beautiful my black eyes are, how an art my smile is, how my giggle gives you butterflies? Instead of looking for fights, unnecessary fights.

Remember love letters? What happened to those? I'd like to read something in your hand writing. Can you send me an sms ? Instead of asking me about my last seen on whatsapp? Send me an sms ,remind me of the very first time we kissed, I swear I'd blush forever.

What if we focused on our love instead and forget about the rest. Last night'syou told me I'm beautiful, when my beauty fades, what's going to become of me? An ex to you?
I know I have the worst voice, and you hate it, but what if it's my super power? Maybe if it wasn't for it we wouldn't be in this relationship, and you are unaware of that.

Will you care to tell me when your feelings have changed? Because that I can take. Please do not make me a laughing stock and go cup someone's breast behind my back, can you not taste the warmth of their lips whilst you tell me you love me?
Just go love them instead?

Am I asking for too much? Is that why you frown at my texts sometimes? Is that why you make me question your love for me? Should I apologise? I'm sad that I can't apologise, I'd rather have you lose me than to lower my standards. Seems like I'm too big for you.

Oh my intellect? I love it when you compliment me on that. Yours is amazing too. You're a genius.

“It's the little things that matter” , they say. Little things like posting on my time line ? Commenting with fire emojis on my pictures? What if I don't fall for that? What if I want the big things? Ask me if I ate, what did I do to get close to achieving my goals a certain day?why is it that I hate failing? What is it that it does to my self esteem, why did I choose this career path, do I want to relocate? Why? To where? Why that place particularly? Ask me about my family,are they okay? Ask me about my emotions, understand that a week before my period I'm an emotional wreck , I explode, and sometimes I cry my eyes out for absolutely nothing .Understand that I love my space, I love you, so much but I love listening to silence , in the absence of your heart beat.

Know something, know that you make my heart race . Know something more than that, that before you make me happy, I make myself happy, so when you decide to pack and leave, you won't leave me homeless. Happiness is my home. I don't live there more often, but whenever I do, I make the most of it .

Here's what you should take with you everyday, love me and my flaws, my effortless giggle, love my soul, love my heart back to life, love me. Don't tell me you love me because I'm beautiful and thoroughly shaped, we will fight. That is lust , I don't need that.

What if we actually lived and loved. Would it hurt?